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Different Ways of Avoiding Alimony with a Divorce Attorney in Orlando

Sometimes marriages come to an unfortunate end when two people can no longer share a relationship based on mutual understanding, love and respect. Having a divorce in Florida not only means getting a legal separation with the help of a divorce attorney Orlando, but it is also a matter of managing your major assets and finances. Appealing for a divorce in Orlando, FL also has some guidelines regarding spousal support and alimony. If you have to fight for alimony or avoid paying alimony, you have to appoint an efficient divorce attorney Orlando FL. Only he/she can guide you with the legal guidelines and procedures of alimony and how you can avoid such a predicament.

Avoiding Alimony with a Divorce Attorney in Orlando

This is undoubtedly the most emotional and stressful time for someone but it also involves a huge financial decision. Firstly, if you are not self-sufficient then a divorce might mean a big fiscal burden and require you to cut down on your expenses. Secondly, if your spouse is financially dependent on you, then demanding a divorce might mean that you have to provide for her financially in the form of alimony or spousal support as long as she does not remarry.

In either of the cases, you have to undergo a financial adjustment. So here are some of the ways by which you can avoid paying alimony:

  • Have a Lower income than your spouse: The courts in Florida usually determine their decisions regarding alimony, based on the income of the individuals demanding divorce. If your income is more than the spouse or if your spouse is not independent financially, then you are required to make a lump sum payment as alimony or spousal support. Therefore you have to convince the court that your spouse is self-sufficient or has a better payroll if you want to avoid paying alimony.
  • Duration of Marriage should not be too long: Alimony becomes inevitable when your marriage has lasted for more than fifteen to twenty years and more so if you have been the primary wage earner in the family. It is assumed that the partner has become habituated to the lifestyle and will face some problems if he/she cannot enjoy the same status quo and comfort. On the other hand, in short marriages, the two parties are separated before either of them gets too comfortable in the fiscal framework bestowed upon them due to marital bonds. So, they cannot complain for a change in the financial set up.
  • Seek for a Vocational Evaluation: You have to convince the court that your spouse’s financial needs are not true as she might have the potential to take care of her own needs. You can hire an able divorce attorney in Orlando who will request the court for a vocational evaluation of your spouse’s job skills and his/her ability to work. This will prove to the court that he/she can earn if he/she uses her skills and knowledge without any help from you.

These are some ways with which you can avoid making alimony payments but alimony is not permanent. An experienced divorce attorney in Orlando, FL can tell you that you can terminate alimony if you want when your spouse gets married to someone else. The court also has provisions to modify alimony payments due to changes in circumstances.