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Is Parental Conflict in Your Divorce Damaging Your Children?

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Children are directly impacted during and after their parent’s divorce. Parental conflict has a more prominent impact on a child’s chance at developing happiness and success later in life. As a parent, it is your job to be proactive and work with your ex-spouse and lawyer to keep conflicts to a minimum and create a parenting plan that works for your children.
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A study that was preformed over a period of 30 years found that children who experienced parental conflict during the divorce of their parents suffered the following consequences during and after the divorce.

Consequences as a Minor

1. Lower academic achievement
2. A higher rate of behavior problems
3. Problematic relationships with parents
4. Social difficulties
5. Negative self-concepts

Consequences as an Adult

1. Low job status
2. Lower standard of living
3. More likely to not have children
4. Behavior problems
5. Psychological problems
6. Acquire less education
7. Higher chance of not getting married, or less marital satisfaction
8. Higher risk of divorce

By avoiding parental conflict around your children, you can prevent these consequences from becoming a reality. Regardless of what happened during yours and your ex-spouse’s relationship, your children and their well being must come first.

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